Zoho Notebook – The Top-Rated Note Taking App For iOS, Android, Windows, Mac And Web

There are several note-taking Apps on the iOS, Android, Windows and Mac, and they can help you organise things in your day-to-day life for the good. Zoho Notebook by Zoho Corporation is a an excellent multitasking App where you can do much more than just taking notes. The App is feature rich and has a good looking interface, with far better functionality compared to Apps like Evernote. The possibilities are endless on this App and there is so much explore for the best note building experience available in the market today.

Content And Features

The App won the ‘Best App Of 2017’ on Play Store, so there is no doubt it is is a popular choice among the users. There are plenty of features that are available and you won’t feel like anything’s missing around here which is the case in majority of the note-taking Apps. A great thing about this App is the ‘Notecard’ feature where you can stack up all of your notes in a single folder like group. This makes it easier to access and view all your files in a single place. Apart from this, you can also add your own audio and make your checklists for the day with the pre-loaded templates. If you like doodling or making sketches, it’s really easy with the available tools under ‘Draw’ option. Also, the sync option is pretty good and all the notes stay safe with passcode protection.

Display And Appearance

The App looks lovely with all the tabs placed below where you can clearly see them. The colour theme used is simply white and it doesn’t get in the way of your saved notes. But you can also change the colour inside of your notes from the given colour palette. Overall, the App is nicely designed and has an attractive UI, so that you take notes more frequently and stay focused on your important tasks.

Final Verdict – Considering this App is available on multiple platforms and also on the web, it is the best professional notes App that you can lay your hands on. Also, the App is absolutely free and you don’t have to spend a single penny to use all the amazing features. We give it a 10/10 rating.

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