SniperSight for iOS – Heal Your Eyesight With This Brilliant App

SniperSight by Lost Technology LLP, is a unique App that uses the method devised by Dr.Horatio Bates to slowly and effectively cure a person’s eyesight. The Bates method has proven results in terms of science and also exceptionally easy to follow. The App includes information on all eye diseases, which you can go through and decide how you want to proceed with the treatment and get rid of your lenses forever.

Content And Features

When you open the App, it will display the list of diseases that are related to eyesight. Check for your disease and read through the information and how you can cure them with the Bates method. It is displayed in an very organised manner and you don’t have to search for a specific exercise. The App gives you good tips as well on how you can have a better eye health alongside practising the given exercises to help you read better and faster in the coming months.

Display And Appearance

There is nothing special about the display as it uses a simple white colour on the background with clean fonts that you can read clearly. The developers are focusing on the treatment here more than the App’s design which is practically great and gives you more to look forward on the App. The interface is not over the top and has everything well organised with pictures and diagram representations for the exercises making it much easier to read and understand.

Final Verdict

SniperSight is very handy if you are facing eyesight problems since years and want to use the science of Bates method to improve your condition. The exercises will definitely show results if followed consistently and positively and can change your vision for the good.

You can download SniperSight from App Store.

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