Snapchat Is Giving A ‘Year End Story’ Recap To Its Users

The most popular recap feature is back and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Snapchat users can once again see a collection of all their Snaps combined in the form of a story which can viewed and shared with their friends as well. Snapchat calls it the ‘Year End Story’ and says it will be a recap of all your interesting memories and moments which you can watch along with your dear ones.

The company had launched the very same feature last year known as ‘Year In Review’ which highlights all your best snaps from previous 12 months. This time around it is no different and Snapchateers will be able to see their incredible 2018 journey in this story. The feature works for users who have had several snaps in the App’s Memories section for 2018 and for those who do not have enough pictures on it, they will have to wait for the next year by adding more content in Memories.

Talking about the diversity of the recap, a Snapchat spokesperson said:

Your Year End Story is designed to celebrate the variety of emotions, events, and content captured on Snap and saved to the Memories feature throughout the year, including travels, outdoor adventures, sunsets, music, animals, and even your selfies.

If you don’t know how to view your own year end story, simply head over to the camera on Snapchat. From there, click on the photos icon below the shutter button and you will see all of your saved snaps for 2018 in the Memories section. Lastly, you can edit and post your story publicly.

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