Snapchat Dog Lenses Launched

Snapchat had recently added new filters and lenses for cats and seems like many cat loving audience on the App took the feature in a good taste. Maybe this is why Snapchat has gone ahead and added Lenses for dogs as well. The company is well aware that several users on this social media platform are proud owner of cats, dogs and other animals and is looking to boost the user base based on it.

But at the moment, the Lenses for dogs is another great addition for Snapchateers to experiment with their canine. The feature will work in line with how the App identifies the faces of humans and it will utilise the same concept for facial recognition of dogs. So if you own a dog and want to give it the same filter treatment like you do, you are in luck with all the interesting Lenses like the cute animated reindeer antlers, geeky glasses, blue butterfly fluttering on the nose, pizza faces on their fur babies and much more.

It will also be great for parents with kids to join the frame with the dogs and make for a memorable snap. Also, as the holiday season is going on and if you are not going anywhere, you can make use of this time with your pet and make the most of it on Snapchat. The best thing about his update is that these Lens filters are specifically developed for dogs only and it also shows how the company is constantly improving the object recognition technology for benefit of all users.

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