Pop-up Ads On Android Sucks

Android OS has been around in the smartphone industry since its launch in 2005 and many people actually fail to realise how it has changed the scenario of how people communicate in the present compared to the keypad cellular phones in the past. Also, for most of us who do not use an iOS operated iPhone, we cannot imagine a smartphone without Android. It’s like driving a car without the fuel and aiming to reach your destination. But all this being said, Android has been lately facing the flack for disrupting users with annoying pop-up ads. The ads have been showing up without any notice while opening an App or while playing a game.

Ads can be a part of the App if the developer is running them to make money, but they won’t show up out of nowhere and you can always skip them. But the ads that we are talking about here are the random ones which simply open up on the screen, leaving the users more than frustrated as they need to keep waiting until the ad vanishes. The user experience on Android was always meant to be the best but these horrible Pop-ups are making it loose all the popularity and the complaints are pouring in every single day on various social media platforms.

There is no single source from where these ads are getting into your phones, but we blame it on the Google collecting your data and showing you the Ads in the name of “Personalised Ads”. There have been concerns in the past on what these top tech companies are collecting, with Facebook CEO also recently being questioned about privacy and how it could inflict massive damage on the users. However, the users are still in the dark and they do not realise how Google is exploiting their data blindly.

The best thing that can be done here is to check the settings of your phone and restrict everything that Google knows about you and see how that plays. It can also be done by various other methods that include installing plugins to detect the App that’s causing the issue and deleting them, killing your recent Apps, clearing the cookies and installing pop-up blockers in your browser. But, it’s all too much of a hassle and things are getting worse every day for several Android users who are hoping to get some clarification from Google while keeping their fingers crossed.

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