Here’s The New ‘Lens Challenges’ On Snapchat, With Loads Of Themes

After releasing several features including the Year End Story feature this week, Snapchat has launched yet another feature called “Lens Challenges”. The challenges are pretty similar to what you play on TikTok or Instagram and you can enjoy the same experience on this social media platform. The challenges makes use of Lenses inside Snapchat’s camera and you can choose from a list of activities to compete with the Snap users around the world.

The company is aiming to increase the user interaction and engagement with this new feature as it serves all the humble users with viral challenges and other fun based activities. This also leads to better participation among the users who maybe bored of using the App for the same purpose over and over again. All the new features are solely aimed to improve the App’s user base and bring it back to normalcy in the coming months despite the decline of Snapchat since the past year.

Snapchat said that the challenges will be based on various themes like “a particular song, dance, holiday, event and more.” One of the challenges is related to music where you have to sing along to a track of Jingle Bells by Gwen Stefani. The lyrics will be displayed on the screen and you have to record yourself while singing the song.

Also, as seen on Techcrunch, Snapchat has this interesting challenge:

Also new today is one called the “Disappear” challenge, created by Snapchat user Jye Trudinger. In this one, users are prompted to take two photos that superimpose, in order to make the photo’s subject disappear.

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