Google’s New Update For Pixel 3 Phones Fixes Major Bugs

For all the Pixel 3 owners who have been facing issues with the phone’s camera and memory management since October, the new software update by Google brings a stop to these bugs and you can finally start using the phone to it’s best potential. The update includes several patches that also resolve the initial bugs faced by the users after purchasing the phone.

Pixel 3 has had a problem of poor memory management since the start where Apps would just shut down automatically while running in the background. This confused many users as they could not use multiple Apps at once and left them frustrated as well. The new update has promised to fix this issue for all Pixel 3 users and they can easily multi-task alongside music, podcasts and other running Apps.

Although the Pixel 3 device only has 4GB of RAM, the fix brings massive improvements to the processing speed and the memory’s ability to run Apps without any crashes or lags. In addition to memory fixes, Google has also made a few other changes including ‘autofocus behaviour adjustments’ and ‘improved camera shutter performance’ to rectify the disappearing photos faced by many Pixel 3 owners.

The company has also added security fixes relating to data and account privacy and although there are concerns regarding Google stealing user’s data, we are not sure if the security patch helps in that regard. For Pixel stand users, the update offers better support and compatibility for your Pixel 3 device with better keyword detection and improvements to the always-on display.

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