Netflix Removes In-App Subscription on iOS For New Users

iOS users can no longer get a new subscription inside the Netflix App as the media streaming giant has decided to cut off their payment integration with iTunes. The decision is not surprising because users were charged more than advertised for the various plans and Netflix is willing to make a commitment for the best of everyone by removing this feature and is keeping the users in a safe space.

For those of you are planning to make a new account on Netflix from your iOS device, you can solely do it by signing-up on the website since the subscription option on the App won’t work. But, the current Netflix subscribers on iOS can continue using using iTunes for billing without any issues and restrictions. Reports claim that Apple takes 15 percent of the cut from the billing and this is causing users to pay higher amount than the subscription rates.

Maybe it’s a good move to remove the old billing structure after all to keep the customers happy but it is also going to be inconvenient for many as they have to open Netflix on the web separately for payments. Even the returning customers who had cancelled their subscription at one point of time can no longer avail the subscription from the App.

A similar case happened with Epic games who decided not to release their best-selling game Fortnite on iOS and Android. In fact, they are developing their own application on Windows and Mac which will allow developers to sell their Apps for a minimal charge.

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