Google Play Store Gets New Design Changes And UI Improvements

Google is finally making changes to the Play Store user interface after a long time. The design changes may have been coming a bit late but it is definitely needed with all the recent list of changes Google is making to it’s Apps. A lot of green spaces have now been filled with white and there are changes with the navigation drawer as well on Play Store.

If you have already got the update, you will notice that the green header is missing from the ‘My apps and games’ section and is replaced by a white background with some of the fonts in green. This is clearly Google trying to stick with it’s Material Theme design and make the interface look more fresh and clear to the users. This has been the company’s new way of design in YouTube, Google Maps and other Apps with the recent updates.

The App drawer on the Play Store now has quick options to navigate to the Play Store Movies and TV Apps, Books Apps and Music Apps. So you can directly jump to a specific category by using these options without wasting any time. The Play Store App still has the same settings interface but has made some changes with the ‘Account’ section that looks similar in design to the My apps and games section.

The renewed design changes are definitely good but there are still some things missing like the rounded corners and raised floating buttons in Google’s other Apps. The update has started rolling out and will be available to all Android users eventually.

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