Google Is Working On An Advanced Version Of Android

Google is testing a different version of operating system for mobile phones, that will likely replace Android in the coming future. Android is used by millions of people worldwide who own smartphones of all companies except Apple. The OS is very popular and Google wants to take a bigger step to take Android to an entirely new level. This could happen anytime with Google underway with Fuchsia OS that will most probably take over the existing Android OS.

Fuchsia is basically targeted to bring improved features and smooth integration of Apps between phones, tablets and computers. From the initial rumours circulating on the internet regarding the upcoming OS, it showcases very advanced features like the Google Duplex. Also, the interface would be completely new and something that Android users have never experienced before.

It is confirmed that Fuchsia Os will be running the Android Apps that we use currently on Android and everything will be well organised for the users. Apart from Fuchsia, Google is also working on a new coding engine that would help coders to publish Apps on platforms like iOS apart from Android. Google calls it ‘Flutter‘ and the first stable version of this coding engine was launched this week and it offers developers with many new features to start testing it out for their Apps.

Talking about Flutter, one of the spokesperson for Google commented:

We are excited by Flutter’s unique take on high-performing cross-platform development. Our engineers have appreciated the rapid development promise, and hot reload capabilities, and over the past year we have seen tremendous progress in the framework and especially the native integration story.

Flutter can allow Capital One to think of features not in an ‘iOS or Android-first’ fashion, but rather in a true mobile-first model. We are excited to see Flutter 1.0 and continue to be impressed with the pace of advancement and the excitement in the engineering community.

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