Google Duo Has Reached Over A Billion Downloads On Play Store

Video calling in this generation is more relevant than what it used to be a few years back where the only way to communicate was through voice. Things are changing at a fast rate and video calls are being integrated in almost every messaging and social media Apps now. Google had launched the stand-alone video call app named ‘Duo‘ back in 2016 and in just 2 years it has hit the billion downloads mark on Play Store.

Duo has become so popular mainly because it works anywhere and does not need a high speed internet connection. The interface is also very clear and the users just have to search their contacts and place an audio or video call by tapping on them. Also, whenever you receive a call on Duo, you can see the person calling even before you pick up the call. This is a great feature and also could possibly be the reason for the App to get such high frequency of downloads.

According to the latest statistics, in just 6 months of launch, Google Duo was downloaded by around 500 million users and the rest of these 500 million downloads coming from 2018. So, it has been a quick climb for the App considering how easy the App is to video call your family and friends.

When you buy an Android smartphone or a tablet, the Google Duo App comes pre-installed in the device which makes it even easier to access it readily. There are several other factors which have made this application among the best video calling Apps in the market and it will continue attracting more users in the future.

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