Get The New 18W USB-C Fast Charger For The iPhone XS And iPhone XR, Priced At $29

Apple launched the Clear Case for the iPhone XR a few days back and now it has released the new 18W USB-C fast charger for the iPhone XS and iPhone XR. The chargers will help iPhone users charge their phones quickly as it has the ability to fast charge compared to the conventional 5W chargers that comes along with the new iPhones.

The 18W chargers will be shipped with the new iPad Pro launched this year and every other iPhone and iPad users can now purchase this charger separately if they wish to. The main aspect of this charger is to boost the charging speeds and get more juice for your day. Also, considering the price of this charger, it is actually not that expensive given that is is made by Apple. It is very cheap compared to the 30W USB-C Macbook chargers and also handy to carry around easily.

Another thing to note is that the charger will not be compatible with any USB-A lightning cable that you may be having from your previous chargers. So, you will have to spend an additional amount starting from $19 for the USB-C lightning cable to use it with the 18W USB-C fast charger.

But if you still feel that this charger is expensive for your, you can always opt for a cheaper 18W USB-C charger from several of the third-party vendors. Although, Apple’s USB-C charger is really good for office use if you need multiple units and it will be equally reliable for your home use as well.

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