ATV XTrem / Quad – A Highly Entertaining Quad Racing Game For Android

Racing games have evolved so much in the past 5 years on Android, with High Definition graphics being added to improve the gaming experience and bring better dimension to the gameplay. ATV XTrem / Quad by Dream-Up is one of the most breath-taking racing games in recent times. The game revolves around racing on a quad bike across various locations around the world and competing in different challenges to score the best points.

Content And Features

Once you open the game, it lets you start the game and also shows you the options to change the settings for the game and check for your high scores. You also get to shop for different quad bikes available in a range of colours with your earned money. Once you hit the start button, you are presented with four gaming modes namely: Career, Duel, Time Attack and Fight. All of these modes offers high quality racing experience which will keep you hooked on your phone for hours. Also, you can select between the difficulty levels of Beginner, Expert and Pilot and try your luck.

Display And Appearance

The graphics are absolutely stunning on here and it delivers HD rendering of a PC or laptop right on your Android phone. The controls are smooth enough and even if you find it tough initially to ride the quad bike, you will get used to the tilts and turns on the track pretty soon. You can also play on the beautiful ice tracks and drift across the scenic landscapes to collect more XP points.

Final Verdict – Overall, the game is very eye pleasing and you just don’t feel like letting go right from the moment you start racing and beating your opponents. This game is definitely for all the 3D lovers out there who enjoy the thrill of racing from time to time. Still, we feel there is a room for improvement as more racing tracks can be added to keep the gamer happy.

You can download ATV XTrem / Quad from the Google Play Store.

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