Google Maps On Android To Make Use Of Google Assistant For Navigation

Google is updating the Maps App for Android today and will be including the the option for users to navigate with the help of Google Assistant within the App. The company wants to make the navigation experience less compact and more driver-friendly and is making sure that Assistant is always there to help while driving. Google had confirmed the update back in I/O 2018 and it is now finally rolling out for all Android users.

The company has made the new updated Maps App with a lower visual profile, so that it can help drivers to focus on driving more than glancing at the App every now and then. The App has also been made keeping the storage and RAM usage in mind, so it is pretty lightweight and has been specifically customised for navigation purpose.

User will be able to call the Assistant inside Google Maps by just saying “Hey Google” or by tapping the microphone button on the upper-right corner of the screen. If you are navigating during the day time, the background of the App will be in white and during night time, the background will be in dark. Although, the App’s function will be the same for both the modes and it won’t affect your interaction with the Assistant.

While using the Assistant with your commands, Google Maps will keep running without any hinderance. This is really handy if you want to make a call or send someone a message with the Assistant without loosing sight of your navigation while driving.

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