Asphalt 9 On iPhone XS And iPhone XS Max Gets Support For 60 FPS

Gameloft has added a new update to its popular Asphalt 9 Game on iOS, with players now having the ability to playing this incredible game in 60 FPS on iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. This is great news for the gamers who own these new 2018 iPhones and can enjoy playing this racing game on a wide screen with much better resolution than before.

The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max have been slowly gaining support for many of the games that do not support the wider screen and frame rate of these devices. The developers of Asphalt 9 would have felt the heat to add the update sooner because many users on the new iPhones would not have enjoyed playing it given the advanced specifications and features of the phone. Hence, taking full advantage of it, the update will definitely enhance the gaming experience and take it to the next level.

The update log for the game reads as:

It’s time to melt the snow and fire up the Nitro in this massive winter update!


REACH YOUR ULTIMATE SPEED AT 60 FPS Exclusively on iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max, Asphalt now runs at 60 fps!

BUGATTI CHIRON MEGA EVENT Put the fastest and most powerful car in Asphalt 9 at your fingertips. Engage in a challenging and rewarding campaign with new events every day to unlock this absolute mechanical masterpiece!

NEW SLIPSTREAM MODE Use your opponents’ speed to your advantage! Follow the trail behind their vehicle to charge your Nitro bar and blast into the lead! But be careful; they can drift to cut off the trail, and once you’ve taken the lead, they can ride your trail to take it back!

FOUR NEW SPEED MACHINES Prepare to take the SIN R1 550, Genty Akylone, Maserati Alfieri and McLaren 570S Coupe for a spin real soon!

NEW MULTIPLAYER RULES Get ready to take on a unique Multiplayer Season every time! We’re introducing “No knockdowns,” “No rating point drops,” and other experimental rules so everyone can enjoy the competition in new and interesting ways.

NEW CAREER SEASONS Collect the McLaren 570S Coupe to unlock the first McLaren-branded season and test your skills in the stealthy “French Connection,” a special season dedicated to French automotive art.

ADVENT CALENDAR PRIZES Log in every day between now and Christmas to unlock seasonal gifts in a surprising limited-time event!

REBALANCING We’ve adjusted the performance of several cars to better align with their car rank. Check our official Forum at to find out more!

Thanks to your feedback, we’ve also fixed several issues in the game for a smoother experience overall. Happy holidays!

We know that the iPhone also supports AR gaming in High definition, and this is how the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max could turn out to be more of a gaming phone rather than just another commercial ‘money-making’ smartphone. We have seen how much these iPhones can do compared to the previous iPhone models and how it could change the future of gaming, even though Apple has never given much of a priority to making gaming devices as such.

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