Apple Music Users Can View Their Listening Insights For 2018 With This New App

There is a good news for all the listeners of Apple Music who always wanted to see which songs they have been listening to over the past one year. A third party App named “Music Year In Review” developed by NoiseHub will provide you all the information on your music streaming on Apple Music for 2018 and also tell you which tracks are on top of your listening history.

The feature is very similar to what Spotify offers called as “Wrapped” and lets the listeners go through their most-played tracks all over again and get nostalgic. It’s a great way to catch up with a few songs that you really need to listen once more and you can also share the statistics with others to let them know your music taste and preferences. Although the feature is currently not available on Apple Music itself, nobody would actually mind downloading a separate App to view the listening highlights for 2018.

NoiseHub’s App will tell you the number of minutes you spent listening to the various tracks on Apple Music and you will be showing multiple graphics on the screen that will represent this information to you. Looking at the cards, you will know your top 5 songs and artists and your No.1 favorites and also the duration of how long you have listened to your favorite artists.

Samir Shekhawat, the creator of Music Year in Review App said:

For the past few years, we’ve been working on a social music app called NoiseHub. During that time, as we made mistakes, we iterated slowly.This application is still internal – it’s been a side project for years – but when we heard about Spotify’s 2018 Wrapped, we decided to take a brief break on NoiseHub and dedicate a weekend during finals week to create an Apple Music Year in Review.

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