5 Best Fitness Apps For iPhone XS Max

Getting fit is no longer considered to be a ‘highly expensive activity’ or a ‘spending longer hours at the gym’ kind of a thing. It has increasingly become part of people’s everyday lives, whether it is a simple task like walking, running, jogging or advanced workouts like lifting heavy weights to build muscle. People want to live longer lives and get healthy than ever before, so everyone is depending on the fitness Apps in their phones. But, if you still haven’t figured out the fitness App based on your workouts, we bring you a list of the five best fitness Apps for the iPhone XS Max.


Who has not heard about Fitbit? Everyone knows about this fitness expert company in some way or the other. They have developed some of the most amazing fitness trackers in the market and their App is also equally good. There are a list of things that you can do on the Fitbit App without depending in the wearable tracker, like check your water intake, track your sleep, monitor your walks and runs, make your own workout schedules and also handy to monitor your heart rate if you happen to own a Fitbit tracker.

Nike+ Training Club

This is the official training App from Nike and has workouts ranging from the one for beginners and newbies up to the advanced exercises for experienced trainers. There are over 180 workouts available for free, with video guides for each of them. The App is specifically aimed for people who cannot find time out of work to start exercising and spend on expensive workout plans. Also, get access to celebrity workouts which you most likely won’t find on other fitness Apps.


MyFitnessPal is an App that will help you plan your meals effectively without compromising on your proteins, fats, carbs in your daily schedule. Whatever your goals maybe, you can easily set them up in this App and track every macro-nutrient in line with your required nutrition. The App has a database of over six million foods, that can be easily logged in with the barcode scanner. Thus, helping you sort out your diet faster without having to manually enter the nutrition values.

Strava Running and Cycling

Strava is a big community of cycling and running enthusiasts from different walks of life. The App is highly preferred by cyclists around the world because of it’s location based tracking and other amazing features that has been specifically developed keeping this activity in mind. The ‘Segments’ feature gives you an overall idea of your ride history and all the places that you have been to so far. The best part is that you can see where you stand with your scores among other people in the App who are striving to get fitter everyday.


Just like how Strava is for cycling, this App is solely dedicated to running as the name suggests. It keeps tracks of your daily running routine and you can check your progress without any hassle. Very simple to stick to your goals and run better and develop stamina gradually, without having to worry about it. RunKeeper also supports other activities like hiking, ice-skating, skiing, cycling and walking. There is a feature to play music from Spotify (needs subscription) while you are running, which can be very useful for motivation.

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