Samsung Phones Will Have Sound-On-Display OLED Panel In 2019

Samsung will be showcasing a new kind of OLED Panel for smartphones in 2019 which will have sound emerging from the display called as “Sound-On-Display“. This has never been introduced in a smartphone by the top brands and it will be interesting to see how the technology works. The smartphone companies are regularly trying newer things with the development of notches and displays while making the design stand out and Samsung surely doesn’t want to lag behind.

The Korean media has reported that Samsung will be unveiling the Sound-On-Display Panel during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to be held in Las Vegas, US in January 2019. Basically, the technology will have the sound coming from the display instead of the external speakers. According to the report, it will work based on “vibration and bone conduction” technique that will transmit the sound inside the phone through the display outwards.

Samsung will try to fit in the components for this technology along with the display without affecting the aesthetics of the phone. Also, the notched display on the current Samsung phones will be replaced by the bezel-less full screen displays for 2019 paving way for an entire new generation of phones with all the cool features. Overall, the phones with the Sound-On-Display needs to have an appeal towards the consumer and it will definitely make a mark in the smartphone market.

Recently, Samsung had also introduced the Dark Mode feature for Galaxy S9 and S9+ phones running Android 9 Pie which gives the users an all-dark theme experience for Android OS.

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