Google Assistant Wins “The Smart Speaker IQ Test” Against Alexa And Siri

Most of us make use of the voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, Cortana and Google Assistant in our everyday life and some of us may even have wondered on which is the best amongst them. Well, you don’t have to keep a check on how they perform because the verdict is already out after a series of tests done by Loop Ventures on each of these voice models and it seems like the Google Assistant is leading the way.

What’s amazing is that Google Assistant understood 100 percent of the 800 questions that were asked and it was able to answer a decent figure of 87.9 percent. Looking at Siri, it understood 99.6 percent of the queries and could answer 74.6 percent of them. Alexa was not far behind either, with an accuracy of 99.0 percent in understanding and 72.5 percent in responding. Lastly, Cortana could understand 99.4 percent of the questions and answered only 63.4% of them perfectly.

The devices included Amazon Echo, Google Home Mini, Apple HomePod, and Harmon Kardon Invoke for performing this test and the report gives us some of the insights:

Google Home continued its outperformance, answering 86% correctly and understanding all 800 questions. The HomePod correctly answered 75% and only misunderstood 3, the Echo correctly answered 73% and misunderstood 8 questions, and Cortana correctly answered 63% and misunderstood just 5 questions.

Google Home has the edge in four out of the five categories but falls short of Siri in the Command category. HomePod’s lead in this category may come from the fact that the HomePod will pass on full SiriKit requests like those regarding messaging, lists, and basically anything other than music to the iOS device paired to the speaker. Siri on iPhone has deep integration with email, calendar, messaging, and other areas of focus in our Command category. Our question set also contains a fair amount of music-related queries, which HomePod specializes in.

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