WhatsApp Users On Android Can Now Directly Play Videos While Chatting

WhatsApp had introduced the picture-in-picture features on iOS a long time ago in January and there was no sign on when it will be introduced on Android. Now it’s finally here and Android users are have started getting this feature after the latest update. This will help users to play videos from YouTube, Facebook or any of the supported sources directly on the App without having to jump on the browser or other Apps to view the video links.

Picture-in-picture was announced by the company earlier this year for both iOS and Android, with iOS being the first platform to get it. We are not sure why the company delayed the feature in Android till now, but playing videos directly while chatting is really useful and definitely saves the effort to open the video separately. You can also play Instagram videos right in the chat section and this can especially be great to discuss about it immediately with your friends in private or group chats.

The update is available on the App’s 2.18.380 version update on Google Play Store. So if you happen to get a video link on Whatsapp from your family or friends, you can simply have to tap on the link and the video starts playing in a minute window on the top of your chat window. This makes it very convenient as you can continue your chats and watch the video simultaneously. The video however does not play from other social platform or sources, and also you cannot continue playing the video in the background if you close the chat window as it shuts downs instantly.

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