YouTube Will Be Soon Available On Nintendo Switch

Nintendo will be adding the App for YouTube on it’s Nintendo Switch gaming device soon. The features is currently available only is select places like Japan and Hulu. However, the company has promised on a post on its American website that YouTube is coming soon on Switch with the expected date written as Nov 8, 2018.

If you are a user of Nintendo Switch and you are randomly searching for games on the Nintendo website, there are chances that you will get suggestions for a Switch-native version of Google’s YouTube. Though, there is no page visible on the website targeted specifically for the upcoming YouTube integration.

Nintendo Switch is a very popular device among the gaming community who enjoy playing games on the go or play game by docking the device on to a TV for enjoying the wider experience. There are multiple genre of games available for this mini console and it also looks cool to carry around.

The integration of YouTube on Switch will be great for kids, as they can play games and view videos on the same device without having to rely on another laptop or a smartphone. Also, the partnership with Nintendo is great for Google as it can take full advantage and increase it’s user base on this gaming platform. Previously, Nintendo had put YouTube on it’s 3DS, Wii U, and Wii gaming platforms. So, it’s been a long wait for the Switch to get YouTube and we hope that it will really help the users in the long run.

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