YouTube Adds ‘Stories’ For Creators Who Have Over 10K Subscribers

YouTube had began testing the feature similar to Instagram’s Stories last year and it was named “Reels“. The company later renamed it to YouTube Stories and has finally launched it for all the creators who have over a 10,000 subscribers. This new feature will let the creators have more tools to create and deliver their video updates or where they have been travelling before uploading their daily or weekly videos.

YouTube made the announcement for Stories in their Blog Post and said:

As a creator, you’re always looking to strengthen your relationship with your audience. You bring them along on your travels, give them a backstage pass to one of your videos, or even a sneak peek at your upcoming video. Through testing the Stories format with a small group of you over the past year, we’ve seen you do just that, from FashionbyAlly giving updates on what’s coming next, to Colin and Samir bringing their fans into the creative process. We applied feedback that we got from you to build a product specifically designed with you, the YouTube creator, in mind

Stories will come with a list of option to make your videos more interesting and appealing to your viewers with the tools like adding filters, stickers, editing texts and much more. All of this sounds more like a copied version of Snapchat, but the difference is that the videos won’t disappear in 24 hours and will remain for a period of 7 days.

Stories is mainly targeted for the YouTube personalities who have loads of subscribers and want to engage with their audience more easily. If you are a creator of the same stature, you can create your own videos by tapping the “Create Story” option on the camera icon and this function can be accessed on both Android and iOS Apps. The fans can also comment on these stories with “thumbs up/down” and the creator can interact directly using pictures and videos as well.