UFO VPN For iOS – The App That Helps You Stay Anonymous On The Internet

Everything that you do on the internet like browsing for information, shopping and trying to access restricted content may seriously hamper your data and your personal information can always fall into the wrong hands. This is because the government and other companies are always tracking you over the public network and stealing your valuable data. UFO VPN, an App by ToolsForest HK Limited, will help you be anonymous online at all times and there is no risk of loosing information as well. It is the best VPN service for iOS and it will keep you protected from all online threats.

Content And Features

When you open the App for the first time, you have a button to connect you to a private server. This can be done in two ways – Smart Location: This is where you get automatically connected to a random server around the globe after you press the button. Choose Location: Use this if you want to select the desired location from a list of countries and UFO VPN will also be shown the recommended countries for quick selection. There is also a paid version coming soon which will give you access to 200 servers worldwide with uninterrupted bandwidth. Apart from these, the App has nothing more to it because of it’s sole and major function to help you browse safely on any network.

Display And Appearance

The display is very simple with a ‘click button to connect’ option popping up as soon as you open the App. There is nothing fancy about the appearance which is great as it uses a simple white theme on the background with minimalistic fonts. The sidebar houses the ‘help center’ if you have any confusions or queries regarding the features and functionality of the App. You can also submit a feedback based on your experience with UFO VPN.

Final Verdict

This VPN service does a great job for the purpose of keeping the users anonymous and mask their IP address while they go about their online business. It also offers good coverage of countries, which the free users can take advantage of in the best possible way. Overall, UFO VPN is pretty solid in keeping your online activity private and completely secure.

You can download the UFO VPN App for iOS from App Store.

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