Top 5 Cheap And Best Cases For iPhone XS

The iPhone is not complete without having a customary accessory to go with it and the recently launched iPhone XS surely demands to have a trendy looking back case. Well, you may get a variety of options in the higher priced category that may not exactly suit your pocket and you will end up wasting money even if you decide to buy it. So, if you are looking to save some money instead and still have a nice looking cover with good protection, there are plenty of options for you. We have listed some of the best and affordable cases for your iPhone XS.

1. Spigen Liquid Crystal

This case gives excellent grip if you tend to have slippery hands and it will only cost you $11. You also get the transparent back that is crystal clear to show off your iPhone XS in style. Also, it’s light in weight and completely shock proof.

2. Spigen Tough Armor

This one is for those who need a rugged case with the best protection and design. The case features layers of impact-resisting material that will make sure to keep your phone safe and durable at all times. It will fit perfectly on the iPhone XS and costs just $16 compared to the Otterbox Defender series.

3. TORRAS Love Series Liquid Silicone Gel Case

It’s the best alternative for the Apple Silicone case and comes for only $20. The case is very slim in feel and will protect your iPhone XS from scratches and dust. There is a microfiber layer on the inside and on the outside the case provides a tight grip. Also, there are loads of colour options before purchasing.

4. HAOTP Leather Protective Wallet Case

This leather case is the cheapest on the list at $8 and definitely cannot be missed. There is a design of a cat and tree which makes it shine and also features several colours. You get to have two cards slots for your credit cards, which also bundles up to becomes a stand for your phone for watching movies.

5. iBlason Cosmo Full Body GLitter Bumper Case

This case gives you all round protection on the rear and front of your iPhone XS. On the front, it comes with built-in screen protector and a shock absorbing bumper and on the back it comes with a scratch-resistant polycarbonate plate. The case features the sparkly and glossy pink design if you like that and is also resistant to your fingerprints.

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