New Update For Google’s Wear OS Promises Longer Battery Life

Google is busy improving the Wear OS for it’s Android smartwatches and the company is planning to roll out a major update soon. Sources claim that the new update will bring several changes including the battery saver mode. The upcoming changes can be spotted in the Google support blog, which list all the new features in detail.

If you use an Android smartwatch, you will no longer have to worry about the battery draining out. When the charge goes below 10 percent, the battery saver mode is turned on automatically and you can only view the time on your watch. This is good for people who may not be carrying their phones with them during the battery drain.

Other changes included in the update are as follows:

Improved Off Body Efficiency:
After 30 minutes of inactivity your watch will go into deep sleep mode to conserve battery.

Smart App Resume for all Apps:
You can now easily pick up where you left off across all apps on your watch.

Two Step Power Off:
You can now turn off your watch in two easy steps. To turn off your watch, simply hold the power button until you see the power off screen and then select ‘power off’ or ‘restart’

The updates surely look useful for the users and they can also benefit from them in the long run. Battery is always considered an important asset of any device and Google is definitely doing a great job there. There is no official date for the update but the company says it will show up on the Wear OS watches in the coming months.

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