The New iPad Pro Can Crack Very Easily

A new YouTube video by the channel JerryRigEverything shows the disintegration and bending of the new iPad Pro without putting much pressure. The YouTuber, Zack Nelson, just takes the iPad in his hand and bends it with a minimum force that cracks the device in the middle around the microphone section on the left and the Apple Pencil on the right.

The video starts by showing the Apple Pencil broken down to pieces, revealing it’s average components and poor durability. He then moves on to test the iPad Pro’s screen and starts of by scratching it against the various levels of screen durability. He uses different tools to create smudges on the screen and says that though the screen is glass-made, it’s very thin.

Finally, he bends the iPad Pro and the screen cracks open in seconds. This clearly shows how bad the structural integrity of the device is and there have also been more complaints of users on various forums. Some of them have reported that the tablet is showing slight bends after carrying it around for a few days in their backpacks. Though, some of them deny it and say that the iPad Pro users should handle it carefully and there will be no problems while carrying it.

Currently, the only option to avoid the bends is using an iPad Pro case. This also does not guarantee complete protection but it is the best thing you can opt for right now. Still, the options for rugged cases is limited at the moment.

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