Samsung’s Galaxy Flex Will Be More Expensive Than The iPhone XS Max

Samsung had recently showcased its next flagship smartphone that would also be foldable at the company’s annual developer conference. We got to have a sneak peak of the device and now we are getting new information about the price of the device. Reports suggests that the price could be more than the cost of Galaxy Note 9 and iPhone XS Max smartphones.

There are also rumours which suggest that this device will be named ‘Samsung Galaxy Flex’, indicating the fold friendly innovation. Coming back to the cost, Flex may come with a price tag in the range of 1925 to $2565. This is insane because this would mean that it would easily takeover the current range of high end devices including the iPhone XS Max which is priced at around $1500.

Samsung Galaxy Flex sports a 7.3-inch Infinity Flex Super AMOLED display inside and a 4.6-inch AMOLED cover display. The device looks and feels like you are opening and closing a book to view the display. It will run on Samsung’s new UI One and you can launch up to 3 Apps at the same time on the device and the company calls it as the ‘Multi Active Window’ mode. It’s a fascinating foldable concept and really shows what Samsung could be planning for future devices.

Samsung is also planning to launch their 5G smartphone next year but there is no confirmation if it will be available on the Flex phone. The 5G connectivity will promise better speeds for calling and internet where companies like Lenovo, Apple, Huawei are also working to develop 5G phones.

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