New Casinos Continue To Optimise Their Games For iOS And Android Devices

New casinos are becoming increasingly popular among players because they continually work to optimise their games for iOS and Android devices, providing users with a smooth and mobile-friendly experience.

There are two different ways to play casino games, either through your device’s browser or through the casino’s dedicated app. Over the last several years, playing in-browser has become steadily more popular because it provides a great experience and doesn’t take up any storage on your mobile device. Casinos’ websites also embrace frequent bonuses that are not always available in native apps., a UK-based casino review site, has outlined all pros and cons of new casinos on their website including recommendations to trending operators.

In fact, numerous people prefer playing in-browser because of this very reason. Having to download dedicated apps, which sometimes aren’t updated regularly, will take up storage and may force you to delete other apps or music. Playing in-browser doesn’t and is as simple as loading up the new casino website on your device and playing.

Casino developers have also made mobile gaming more appealing to players by not using Flash. Providers are no longer relying on the unstable Adobe Flash system, which is expected to be phased out by 2020, to develop or run their games. It was the original go-to system for casino game developers to create their games but new casinos are now optimising their games for use with HTML5, a much more secure and safe system.

Part of the reason many developers are moving away from Flash and towards HTML5 is because the latter can be used by a variety of devices. Adobe Flash, meanwhile, is actually unsupported by a number of Apple devices including the iPhone, iPad and iPod. Since iOS devices are so popular, many casino software developers decided to start creating games with HTML5, which is supported by Apple, in order to cater to a larger audience.

However, new casinos aren’t just focusing on performance. Some have actually begun releasing mobile-only special features to make mobile gaming more exciting and fun. Wazdan, for example, launched an energy saving feature which can be used to extend the battery life of your mobile device when playing. According to Wazdan, it can extend battery life by roughly 40%.

The firm also released a double screen mode which allows you to see the paytable, a list of all symbols featured in the game and much more while playing the game. Using this feature is as simple as turning it on in the settings, holding your device vertically or scrolling up.

You can now see how optimising games for iOS and Android devices, making games and sites more mobile-friendly and offering special features can make new casinos more appealing to users. We expect casino games to become even better in the future and look forward to what’s to come in 2019.

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