iOS 12.1 Has A Major Security Flaw

Apple announced the iOS 12.1 recently which combined new improvements and fixes from the earlier version. However, in reality it’s turning to be opposite and there is a serious problem with this new version of iOS. If your iPhone is running on iOS 12.1, it can be easily hacked with just a phone call and the hacker can steal all your personal details in a flash.

Yes, you heard it right and this can be done by absolutely anyone who can go past the lock screen security which includes the Face ID and Touch ID and view all your contact information. The flaw has been exposed by a security researcher named Jose Rodriguez who shows the problem in detail in a YouTube video.

He starts of by using a pen and and going past the passcode somehow, then goes through a ‘Test’ call which then connects to a FaceTime video call. From here, he presses the ‘Add Person’ button and it takes him to device’s full contact list and the 3D Touch on any contact reveals all their data such as their email addresses, phone numbers and more.

This is scary because not only it makes the new iPhone XS and XS Max more vulnerable to hackers but also creates an uncertainty of keeping important information on your device. However, the iPhone XR is immune to this flaw because of the absence of 3D Touch. Still, Apple needs to take note of this and push the fix with an update soon.

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