You Can Grab A Play Store Subscription Pass Soon

According to the new code on the Play Store App, we could be looking at a monthly pass for Google Play Store that will allow users to pay a monthly fee and get access to all the paid Apps and games on the Store. Google has not officially made any announcement on this but we can clearly see the ‘Play Pass’ mentioned in the image which was shared by a developer named Kieron Quinn on xda-developers, who had discovered the detail about the subscription back in June.

The image for the Google Opinion Rewards reads “Imagine your app store has a subscription that offers hundreds of dollars worth of paid apps and games for a monthly fee. How well does “Pass” describe this service?” With this, we predict that the users will be able to use/play a selection of premium Apps and games for a fixed monthly amount and won’t have to pay individually for these Apps and games.

If Google is really working on the ‘Play Pass’, it could be one of the biggest feature on Play Store in the coming months. However, it is still under development and there is no confirmation from Google when they will launch the subscription service. The ‘Play Pass’ could be similar to Apple’s ‘App Bundles’, where you can buy up to 10 Apps in one go and this is available on both iOS and Mac.

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