Google Pixel 3 Users Are Facing A Camera Bug

Google has always maintained that the camera on Pixel phones are of the best quality and you definitely get what you pay for. This is also why this device sells like hot cakes and people are always looking forward to the camera developments in the upcoming Pixel phones. But, it looks like things are not going well with Pixel 3 camera as it is getting forcefully disabled for several owners.

The complaints have been poring on social media where people just cannot access the camera on Google Pixel 3, which pretty much makes the device completely useless. The bug seems to be affecting more and more people recently and it seems like Google is not taking any initiative to resolve the problem.

The forums covering the Google Pixel 3 like Reddit and Google Product Forums highlight the camera bug issue on the Google Pixel 3 in the past few days. Some of the complaints read as:

My pixel 2 camera has been very sluggish since the update and takes forever to save the pic. Haven’t had your exact error but it seems something is going on.

I just started having this issue last night. Uninstalled Snapchat and Camera P3 mod and still having issues. Doing an RMA as well

I have been seeing this issue after the Nov 5 Security Patch Update. For some reason, the camera works until it has been triggered to be accessed by any third party apps like Youtube

Google is not accepting any requests for the device replacement as of now, and they are only claiming to be ‘working on a fix’ or a ‘future update’ leaving the users confused and angry.

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