Google Deletes Several Games On Play Store, Found To Be Malware

Google has wiped out almost 13 Apps that were disguised as ‘racing games’ under gaming section on the Play Store. These Apps were nothing but malware and has affected almost 500,000 Android users. Anyone who installed the game, just found out that it won’t open and it only keeps crashing when tried to open.

The discovery was made by Lukas Stefano, a security researcher who said the Apps are purely distributing malware and all the 13 gaming Apps are from the same developer. But, the main thing that is of big concern is that the out of these Apps, 2 Apps are trending on the Play Store. This puts millions of Android users at risk and also questions Google’s security problem for Android operating smartphones.

The malware Apps that were trending on the Play Store surpassed almost 580,000 installs before Google decided to take action. Users installing the App expected it to be a car or truck racing game, but it turned out to be a malware.

The developer’s listed name Luiz O Pinto, who published the games on Play Store was traced out to be actually a developer named Mert Ozek who owns a domain in Istanbul. According to Techcrunch, all the efforts to contact the developer had gone in vain and the website further mentioned:

It’s not clear exactly what the malicious apps do; none of the malware scanners seemed to agree on what the malware does, based on an uploaded sample to VirusTotal. What is clear is that the malware has persistence — launching every time the Android phone or tablet is started up, and has “full access” to its network traffic, which the malware author can use to steal secrets.

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