Google Assistant Now Supports A New Feature For You To Become Kinder

Google has updated the Assistant and has put a set of new tricks under its belt. The new changes reflect when you used the words like ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’. If you use these words in your questions or commands, the Assistant will reply to them in a unique way. This update is very similar to how Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa responds politely to kids saying thank you or please.

If you use Google Assistant very often and want something new in your conversations, you can basically make it sound more polite by saying the golden words. In return, the Assistant will give you “delightful answers” for your kind words and go ahead with the search results. Suppose, you ask a question like “Hey Google, please set a timer for 5 minutes”, the response fro the Assistant would be “Thanks for asking so nicely. Alright, 5 minutes. Starting now.”

So expect a polite reply whenever you speak kindly to the Assistant. Overall, this kind of response is more targeted towards the younger audience to teach them the importance of being polite in their day-to-day conversations. However, the elders will not take the bait and continue using the Assistant in a more casual fashion.

A few other changes have also been added, like you can say “Hey Google, Call Santa” and the Assistant will start an interactive game where Santa Claus is rehearsing for musical concert and you have to help him with a song. The Assistant-powered displays have also got new features like setting up alarm just by swiping up from the home screen and tapping the alarm button.

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