Android Pie Is Causing Battery Drain Problems

The new version of Android named ‘Pie’ was launched recently and Google had claimed it to have a better performance with overall improved battery. But to the dismay of the Android users running Pie on their smartphone, they will definitely not agree with the claim. This is because Android Pie has been causing more battery drain issues lately where it has been reported that the battery doesn’t even last for a day.

The users who upgraded to Pie a few months back have started experiencing battery drains unusually than before. Also, they hardly observed any improvements in the battery life compared to the previous Android version. The issue was also observed by the users of the latest Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL phones, which definitely looks bad on part of the tech giant.

Users in Reddit and the Pixel forums have also been complaining on the battery issues who just upgraded to Pie on their new phones and it is the same case for the users on existing phones as well. Another issue is that even after turning of the ‘Adaptive Battery’ mode, the battery drains happens even faster and there is nothing that can be done about it.

The OS is also not doing a perfect job in predicting the battery left on the phone as it appears to show incorrect values. Once the battery reaches 5 percent, the phone automatically shuts down for a lot of users. If you are facing these problems, you can look for updates on the Play Store until Google issues a proper update for the battery problem.

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