Apple Could Introduce Noise Cancellation In AirPods 2

Apple fans have been waiting for the AirPods 2 and there is no sign from the company yet for the launch of these wireless earbuds. The recently concluded event saw the launch of the new MacBook Air and iPad, and Apple did not launch the next generation AirPods as expected. Now, sources claim that Apple will be considering noise cancellation and biometric sensors for the device.

Apple has filed a new patent recently, which reveals that the next-gen truly wireless earbuds will include health focused features and hardware. The features cover new classes in the patent filings where they are: Class 10 covering wellness instruments such as health, fitness, exercise sensors to measure, track, store and report, biometric data, body movement, heart rate and calories burned. Class 14 covering horological and chronometric instruments which would mean greater compatibility between Apple Watch and Apple AirPods an Class 28 covering games and plaything.

Looking at the patent, AirPods 2 is expected to come with a heart rate sensor. While wearing it, the user will be able to monitor their heart rate while walking/running or doing any other exercise. This will be a handy feature for Apple Watch users who make use of similar features for health monitoring.

The only concern here would be how is Apple going to be accommodating the new features that would probably consume a lot of battery. The heart rate sensor will drain the battery quickly if the hardware is not up to mark and Apple will have to find a way to improve the battery life with the new AirPods.

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