5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your iPhone XS Max

iPhone XS Max has the biggest screen among all the smartphones in the market right now and it can do wonders for you if used in the best possible manner. The phone can be a bit tough to hold with one hand, but it gives you the ability to use every feature on the phone to help you be more productive and get more done. You can play games on the wider screen or use Apps in the landscape mode and much more. The choice is yours and here’s how you can have more fun:

Gaming at its best

Now, who won’t enjoy playing games on a 6.5 inch screen? Everything looks real and lively, and it will be twice the fun if you have migrated from a smaller sized device. The giant screen gives you more to do and see more of the game that you are playing, rather than missing out on the middle of the screen while you are tapping or swiping. This way you are always involved in the game and get the best experience out of it. Also, you get to play some of the best Augmented Reality (AR) games with your friends on this device.

Amazing HDR screen

The iPhone XS Max supports Dolby Vision HDR, which means that you can watch movies in high depth and clarity. This makes it on par with any high end HD LED TV in the market, and you can get to have this technology right in your pocket. For example, you will be able to experience the video nearer to your face and also see the darker areas of each shot in the movie more clearly. If you choose not to plug-in your earphones, the speakers do a fine job with the full surround system at your disposal.

Long-lasting battery

The battery on the iPhone XS Max serves well for those who enjoy gaming and watching videos for long hours. Watch Netflix for an hour and it will only drain 5% of the battery, which is quite impressive. Though, there are certain areas which can hinder the battery life such as increasing the brightness or using the GPS. But overall, it lasts long enough to get you through an entire day while constantly using Apps for browsing, calls, gaming and messaging.

Manage your time effectively

Social media has led us on a path of self-destruction causing wastage of time and other evils. The Screen Time tool on the iPhone XS Max can help you manage the amount of time you spend on social media Apps each day. You can set reminders or keep a time limit of maybe 30-40 minutes for social media use after which it will shut down these Apps and you can’t view any messages. This will help you focus on much important tasks on hand and work towards your life goals.

Use separate phone numbers

The Dual-SIM compatibility is a big blessing on the iPhone XS Max and it will definitely help people balance out their personal and professional lives. You have the e-SIM option, in addition to the physical SIM, that can be digitally switched on by your mobile operator. Thus, you can have two different numbers as you wish and you will always know the number on which you are receiving a call. This will indicated by the signal bars at the top of the screen, making it clean and simple for the dual-SIM users.

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