5 New Alexa Commands That Are Too Cool

Amazon’s Alexa has been the craze since the start of this year and more number of people have started purchasing the voice-assistant controlled devices to make their lives simpler. A lot has changed with the launch of the new Alexa powered devices from the company including Echo Dot and Show and these devices have been added with newer commands for the users to explore the massive capability of Alexa. Here’s our list of the five new commands that you can try with the voice assistant:

Make Skype calls

We surely never expected this to happen but the Amazon-Microsoft partnership will help you make Skype calls directly from Alexa. Microsoft had added the support for Skype on all Alexa powered devices back in September and it only takes a simple voice command to make the calls. Suppose you want to make a video/voice call to your friend, you simply have to say “Alexa, call (the name of the person) on Skype” and if you want to receive the call just say “Alexa, answer.”

Reminders based on your location

This feature will probably help you on days when you are busy and tend to forget the important tasks on hand. It’s actually handy if used in the right way and can save you the frustration of not doing things on time later. For example, if you have to meet someone but you also are travelling to different places, you just have to tell the assistant this: “Alexa, remind me to meet Gary at (name of the location).” So once you arrive at that location, you will get a notification on your phone for the reminder.

Whisper if it’s night time

Yes, you read that right. Alexa doesn’t know if your kids have gone to sleep or your family has already slept in the night after you arrive home. But, it can surely talk to you in a lowered voice tone when required. The way you can do this is by just whispering to Alexa with your questions and Alexa will also reply the answers in a whisper. Although the feature is not very practical, it can help you to be productive with Alexa without disturbing others.

Do specific routines for everyday

Instead of having to say different commands, you can combine all of them into a single routine and set them up for a particular timing every day. This basically works like a trigger and you can play your favourite music by setting up the timer for the sound. Amazon has confirmed that it will be adding more trigger based routines eventually like motion detection, room temperature sensing and ‘Routine for Kids’. Also, the routines can be delayed based on your timing preferences for the day.

Predict something that you don’t remember

Well, this definitely sounds something out of a Sci-fi movie but Alexa has got it all covered for you. You don’t need to worry for something you might forget that a part of your daily routine. Suppose, if you are heading out somewhere and you forgot to switch off the lights, Alexa will immediately remind you to turn them off. This technology is based on Machine Learning and Alexa will monitor your daily usage habits and check if you are not using the voice assistant for the usual day-to-day tasks and let you know about it.

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