5 Best Racing Games For iPhone XS Max

Racing games are awesome and you can play them non-stop for hours. It’s fun to just pull out your phone from the pocket and play anytime, and you can really enjoy the graphics and wide screen display on your iPhone XS Max. With the high end performance on this device, you surely don’t want to miss out on all the excitement of racing. Here’s our list of the five best racing games for the iPhone XS Max:

Asphalt 9: Legends

This game is undoubtedly the most popular racing game preferred by gamers around the world. Asphalt 9:Legends takes you on a journey of arcade style gameplay with a lot of stuff that you can do. You can jump off platforms, use nitro-power ups for turbo drive and perform amazing drifts. The game is a delight to the eyes and you will enjoy it the most when you play with the classic manual controls.

Real Racing 3

You want to enjoy some mind-blowing racing which looks realistic as well? If yes, you should definitely try Real Racing 3. It has set high benchmarks for racing games around the globe and you get to choose from a collection of 200 great looking cars. The car handling system is very smooth and there are no lags with the controls. The game also includes 18-real world locations, and you can compete in multiplayer mode against real-time players as well.

Asphalt Xtreme

Asphalt Extreme is a refreshing game that suits the off-road rally racing fans. If you want to take your rally racing skills to the next level, you can race through the sandy dunes, canyons and across different mud challenges. The game is very engaging because of the exotic locations and scenes and you can play with up to 8 real-time multiplayers. Also, there are several car types to choose including the muscle car, monster truck or simply a buggy/pickup truck.

Horizon Chase

A delight for all the retro game lovers, who simply love the arcade games of the 80s. Horizon chase looks like it has taken inspiration from classic retro games like the Lotus Turbo Challenge and Out Run. The gameplay is entirely in 16bits as it should be, with the scenes located in rainy landscapes, volcanic ashes, snow and sunny deserts. The game also features an incredible soundtrack by Barry Leitch, who is well know for his retro-oriented music.

Reckless Racing 3

Reckless Racing 3 is just too good for performing power slides across the dirt-ridden racetracks. The graphics are stunning and you can experience the game with 24 different cars and trucks. You can also play the career mode which offers 60 events in 9 different seasons, with high detailing on the game physics for various challenges and events.

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