Snapchat Partners With Local Creators For Discover In India

Snapchat has finally launched Discover in India after testing it out in the US and UK with original shows and location based content on the platform. Snapchat says that the Indian users will get to watch content that suits their taste and will be done in partnership with Indian publishers, media houses in the country. With the local content on Discover, the company aims to increase the user base on the App from India.

Rami Saad, Head of International Content Partnerships, Snap Inc said:

What we are announcing is content partnerships with Indian creators. They are going to bring content to the platform. 14 shows and publishers will begin to go live tomorrow. Starting tomorrow you will begin to see localised content. You can swipe right and watch content in a wide variety of languages and genres. What we are announcing is a localised experience essentially bringing on board professional content creators that would create content on daily or weekly basis in local languages

India is a market we are very committed to investing…We announced a partnership with Tyroo. Another thing that we have done was introduce hundreds of lenses and geo-filters and sticker packs that we have introduced in the market. Creative tools, as we call them, are very engaging way to localise are position in the market…Both in India and across markets we have localised the experience for the users

Saad further spoke about the new version of the Android App:

I don’t know if you have heard about our rewrite of the Android app. This is an effort that we have been working on for sometime and we are really excited to bring it, especially to markets like India… And the way the app is built, it in itself is a Lite version so there isn’t a need for us to built another app. The app itself would be intelligent enough to serve you based on the level of connectivity and the level of device processing power,

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