iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR Drop In Production

Apple has cut the production of it’s 2018 lineup of iPhones including the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XR. This is mainly because of the company is not being able to handle the lower demand and cannot manage the supplies of the new iPhones. Also, the recent forecast for the devices has been pretty much slow and there are not many buyers opting to buy these expensive iPhones.

Sources claim that the Apple supplier from around the globe have slashed the production owing to the lower than expected demand for the new iPhones. The news was first reported by the WAll Street Journal which mentioned Apple laying of the production to a bare minimum as the company is facing heavy loss as of now.

We are really not sure why this is happening and it points to company’s idealogy of offerign more devices to its consumers where the people within the production and supply line are not really sure about the components that are to be used in these iPhones, which is making harder for them to predict the number of handsets as well.

What started with lowered demands for the iPhone XR is also hitting the premium models with bigger screens very badly. Both iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max promise to be exceptional phones with great display and cameras, but it is just not doing well as expected by the company. The company is worst hit as they have laid off their production plans by almost third while the buyer just think of the iPhone to be really expensive.

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