Google Photos Site Gets A New Look

Google has been gradually adding the new Material Design themes to most of its App and now it has started adding it on its websites as well. Google Photos App already had the new and refreshed material UI and it was high time that the company update the older Photos website. The new design will reflect across all parts of the website, with the same aesthetics and icons of the Photos App.

Still running on a white background, the page clearly shows the new icon style that is visible on the side rails and other parts of the page. The search bar has a rounded look and has the options to ‘Create’ and ‘Upload’ on its side. With the Create option, you can construct your own collage, animation or a movie and also combine your photos into an album.

You have four options on the side rails – Photos, Albums, Assistant and Sharing. If you jump into the Assistant or Sharing tab, you will find that the different cards for photos and albums now have a faint outline. This will probably help in separating the cards and making it more visible while searching.

You have the usual categories to organise your photos under Albums, which you can quickly access anytime. The editing option has also been given a new look, where you can easily switch between the editing tools, filters and cropping. The navigation tab also features rounded section for each option while the Album gallery also shows rounded previews instead of the square ones.

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