WhatsApp Gets Picture-In-Picture Mode For Android

We have been looking at WhatsApp’s plans to introduce the picture-in-picture(PiP) mode for Android since a few months and it seems like the company has finally rolled out the feature on Android today. The feature will allow users to watch the Youtube, Facebook and Instagram videos within the App itself. The feature is already available for iOS users and it has been due on Android since many years.

WhatsApp had rolled out the useful ‘Swipe To Reply’ feature on Android recently and the company has been very busy rolling out new updates so far. The PiP feature can be accessed by users who are running WhatsApp beta for Android version 2.18.301. For those of you who cannot see the update, you can reinstall the App and receive the changes.

The feature turns on automatically when the user receives the video link on WhatsApp and when you scroll through the link you can see the the videos from YouTube, Instagram or Facebook. Also, the feature gets turned of once you get back to chatting. The video starts automatically when you click on the link, so it becomes easier to keep browsing in the chat.

The video link won’t direct you to the YouTube or Instagram App, instead it will open up a small player bubble on the screen. You can choose to slide the bubble anywhere on the screen and the player also features controls for play/pause, volume and adjusting the size of the player. There are slight difference when compared to PiP feature on WhatsApp iOS, but it is almost similar.

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