WhatsApp Is Bringing New Features To Android And iOS

We have been looking at a lot of new features being introduced in Android and iOS in the past few months. Some of these include the ‘Swipe to Reply’, the forward tags on messages, suspicious links detection, notification changes, picture-in-picture mode for videos. Now, the company is working on 3 new features that will soon make it to all the devices that run WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is aiming to improve the overall user experience with the array of new features and taking user feedback more seriously than before. There have been talks about the company looking to monetize the platform with advertisements, but there has been no official announcement or news regarding the same.

Reports says that WhatsApp is working on a feature called the ‘Vacation Mode’. With this, archived chats will not appear on a user’s WhatsApp window, so they will remain as they are, even if a new message is received. So, if the user wants to read the new messages they will have to open the archived chat manually.

The other new feature is the ‘Silent Mode’, which will not the show the number of notification including the muted chats. It will hide the app badge for muted chats, so the total number of notification that shows up on the WhatsApp icon will exclude the muted chats. So, this feature is essentially like an advanced version of mute chat option.

There will also be a feature to link Facebook and Instagram accounts to your WhatsApp profile and you can adjust it from the profile settings.

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