The Unreleased 3rd Generation Google Chromecast Shows Up Online

The image of the not yet release Google Chromecast 3rd Generation has been shared online by a Best Buy user who accidentally received the device instead of the 2nd generation Chromecast. The news came from Reddit, which is probably the source for all the leaks and new developments in the tech world.

The device as shown in the image, shows the 3rd generation Chromecast to have a thicker outer shell and displays a ‘Google’ logo and not the ‘Chrome’ logo. Everything else about the device looks the same including the HDMI connector. Also, the price for the device is similar compared to the 2nd generation as the buyer observed the billing amount while checking out of the store.

The leak actually confirms that Google will be introducing the new Chromecast at the company’s upcoming launch event in October. There was no indication before the leak if the company would be considering to launch it along the Google Pixel 3, Google Pixel 3 Xl and other smart home devices.

Based on the reports, the new Chromecast could also feature bluetooth connectivity and improved WiFi reception. Although, there is no information right now regarding the pricing and the availability of the device, which we will get to know only on the launch day.

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