Snapchat Is Losing More Users Than Ever Before

Snapchat is in a bad shape and this popular global platform is losing a lot of users as announced by CEO Evan Spiegel in the earnings report. He said that a lot of users from Android have started to decline where the daily active user numbers dropped from last quarter by 2 million. The total number of users was at 188 million last year which has now dropped to 186 million users, which certainly looks disastrous for the company.

Spiegel confirms that inspite of all the backlash faced by the company for it’s redesign earlier this year, the company is still confident that it will regain it’s users with the new upcoming design update for Android. He said that the new Snapchat App is under development and will be ‘lightweight, modular, and performant’ and the Android community represents a big ‘global opportunity for the company to grow’ and expand it’s boundaries in select markets.

Snapchat has always invested more resources and time in the proper functioning of it’s iOS App, but Spiegel believes that they should have invested more time on Android before and they will take make sure this happens moving forward. But, we have not seen the company live up to that promise yet as there has been no major overhaul within the App in these past months.

The company also wants to ‘target users who are older than 34 years old with it’s marketing and communications startegy and explain them why they need to use the App.’ Recently, Snapchat also made attempts to revive the user base by introducing original shows called ‘Snap Originals’ which features appealing content of different genres.

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