Snapchat Introduces Filters For Your Cats

Snapchat is trying new things and is trying to re-gain it’s users after the recent backlashed faced for the new design. The company had recently announced the short movies that will be featured on the App called ‘Snap Originals’. Now, they have unveiled new filters, not for the humans but for the pet cats that you may have at home. You can apply these filters to the videos and snaps of your cat as per your liking.

The filters called ‘Lenses’ can be applied in the same way as you would apply to your own photos and videos on the platform. Cat lovers around the globe are very happy with this feature and are excited to bring out the best snaps and videos of their cats.

You need to point your kitty’s face to the camera, then click on it and select the lenses that will show up on the screen. The filters include the flower crown which looks nice, then you have the glasses and the unicorn horn. If that is not interesting enough, there is also the devil wings and animal ears and the one where fishes swim around the head of your cat.

More than the cats, the owners are enoying the filters where on of the users said “I’m not sure my cat is a fan of the new Snapchat filters but I am sure I am.”

Snapchat’s number of active daily users has considerably dropped by 3 million users since the past year and the company is definitely searching for ways to boost the App’s presence in the market.

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