Pixel 3 Xl Users Can Hide The Notch, Says Google

Google announced the new range of devices at the launch event that was held recently. Google unveiled the new Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 Xl device along with Pixel Slate and the Google Home Hub. The company finally brought the notch to the new Pixel phones, taking cue from all the smartphone companies that have been imbibing the notch in their latest phones.

Now, for the Pixel 3 XL users who are not happy with the notch, Google has a solution for these folks and has added an option to hide the notch with a traditional smartphone look by blacking the top portion of the display. One of the Twitter users named @mo7ammad_uj put out a tweet asking Google if the Hide notch feature on the Poco F1 phone can be the done on the Google Pixel 3 Xl?

Google replied to this tweet by saying:

For people who prefer a more traditional smartphone look, we’ve added an option to hide the display cutout (the notch).

— Made by Google (@madebygoogle) October 9, 2018

The way this feature works is the camera and speaker on the front stays in place and only the small sections of screen on either side of the notch simply get blacked out, creating a large bar that runs all the way across the top of the display.

The option to black out the notch has been available in many Android devices like the OnePlus, LG, Xiaomi, Huawei. The response by Google actually points out to the ability to black out the notch in the existing Android Pie build hidden in the development menu.

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