Nokia’s 8110 ‘Banana Phone’ Is Now Available In India

The banana phone from Nokia is now available for purchase in the Indian smartphone market. The 8110 phone was announced by HMD Global yesterday and it will be available for a price of Rs.5,999 across all online and offline retail stores in the country. The phone does look like a banana and is loaded with a lot of features that you would not usually expect in a lower priced phone.

The phone serves as a throwback to the company’s banana phone in the 90s, that was really a cool and modern phone in that period and also featured in the hollywood movies like The Matrix. Bringing back the phone from the dead is a surprise but it will surely make a lot of old customers nostalgic about the golden era of Nokia.

The banana phone has a funky slider that covers the keyboard on the front just like before and comes in two colours – Yellow and Traditional Black. The name banana comes from the curved structure of the phone, which actually appealed to a lot of mobile phone users back in the day. One just needs to move the slider if you have to receive or disconnect an incoming call on the 8110 phone.

Talking about the apps, Nokia has pre-loaded Google Assistant, Google Search, Google Maps, Facebook and Twitter into this smart feature phone. The phone runs on KaiOS and is powered by Snapdragon 205 processor with 4GB of internal storage and 512MB RAM. The camera included is a 2-megapixel rear camera, with 1,500mAh battery that will give you 25 days of standby time, up to 6.1 hours of video playback and 48 hours of music playback.

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