iPhone XS Max Is Faster Than Google Pixel 3 XL, Shows Speed Test By PhoneBuff

Since the Google Pixel 3 XL device is now out after a long wait, it may come as a bit of a disappointment to the Pixel fans that the phone is slower than the iPhone XS Max. This has been proved in the latest speed test by YouTuber PhoneBuff. He put these two devices to test where the Pixel phone finished the tasks a minute slower than the Apple’s premium smartphone.

The Pixel 3 XL and iPhone XS Max both have the same 4GB RAM and when both the phones were pitched head to head for a specific set of tasks, the Pixel phone didn’t paint a good picture. The list of specs on the Pixel 3 Xl look definitely better than the Apple counterpart but when it made it to the real test, the later clearly came out to be faster.

The tasks that were involved in the test were media, gaming, productivity, photo editing and a few others. The iPhone XS max showed who’s the boss by completing the tasks in 2 minutes and 30 seconds. While the Pixel 3 XL took longer at about 3 minutes and 35 minutes and PhoneBuff points out to the fact that the device cannot hold the Apps in memory as good as the iPhone when the YouTuber tried to relaunch the previously closed Apps on Android.

There could be a bug with the Pixel device that will hold the Apps in memory after the fix but PhoneBuff is pretty convinced after running multiple test that the iPhone XS Max will still come out as a winner against the Google Pixel 3 XL.

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