iPhone XR Is Very Durable With Its Battery And Display

Apple’s iPhone XR is not very popular among the fans but the phone seems to be more durable than the iPhone XS and XS Max. This was proved in the latest durability test that showed that the phone has a battery and display that can be easily repaired. The iPhone XR is a cheap and light option for people who view iPhones as expensive and it can surely help people go for the better option instead of wasting money.

The durability test was performed by JerryRigEverything, where the iPhone XR was subjected to rough tasks like scratching, burning and bending the phone. The device’s frame is made up of aluminium compared to the frame of iPhone XS and Xs Max. The frame is equally good to that of the expensive versions and does not develop scratches easily when dropped. In the video, the YouTuber also shows that the LCD panel does not get damaged in fire.

We also got to know surprising results from the drop tests done by YouTuber
EverythingApplePro. Drop test is basically where you get to see if your iPhone XR will survive the fall. The device was pitched against iPhone 8, where the later completely shattered when it fell on concrete from the head height but the iPhone XR did not. This does not mean it may survive in the real world because there are factors like angle of impact, height and surface to be considered.

iFixit also teared down the phone to see the parts inside and interestingly, there was a rectangular shaped battery which also happens to be larger than the iPhone XS Max. They also mentioned that the battery has a repairability score of 6 out of 10. which also can be repaired easily.

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